Silicone Heel Protectors for Pain Relief & Cracked Heels


We here at Old Ladies Society DESPISE foot pain. We simply refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes any longer. Life is too short for hurty feet! But even with comfortable shoes, we will encounter foot pain as we age. Especially if you have hard floors in your home, or do a lot of standing/walking. One common foot ailment that many ladies of a certain age encounter is plantar fasciitis — intense pain from the nerves in your foot which can cause pain even if you’re not doing a lot of standing or walking. These silicone heel socks are the perfect answer. They can be worn inside shoes or barefoot, and they prevent shock from hard surfaces, cushioning the vulnerable areas of your foot. They’re a godsend! Added bonus: they can moisturize your heels and help prevent that other evil nemesis, cracked heels. Includes 2 pairs in nude and clear.

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  • ✔2 PAIRS PER PACK -One size fits all! Made of medical grade silicone – ultra lightweight silicone with air holes
  • ✔Heel pad gels soften shock and impact on your feet  and heels – great inserts for running, walking, standing
  • Moisturizes to help prevent cracked heels
  • ✔PLANTAR FASCIITIS HEEL CUSHION FOOT SLEEVE-Silicone heel protector to instantly relieve pain and pressure, provide complete protection for your plantar fasciitis and anything uncomfortable on your foot. Cushions and supports while effectively absorbing shock and shear forces, efficient remedy for sore feet.
  • ✔THE BEST HEEL PROTECTION-Cushions and supports while effectively absorbing shock and shear forces. 
  • ✔SAFE & EFFECTIVE-Unisex for Women Men Kids Anti-Odor Silicone Heel Wrap Gels are Washable and Re-useable.
  • ✔EVERYDAY WEAR-You will feel perfectly comfortable wearing socks, shoes, sneakers when walking around the house or at work.