Wine/Champagne Chiller Rod, Aerator & Pourer


This is life-changing, people!!! Now you can confidently bring a chilled bottle of wine or champagne to the table — indoors or out — and keep it cold while you’re enjoying it! Also serves as an aerator and pourer. This thing is just genius. And it’s so cheap, you should probably buy several, so you can always have a replacement handy in the freezer; because let’s face it, one bottle of wine or champagne is never enough. You can even pour wine while someone is holding their goblet over a white shag carpet — If you’re a SAVAGE.

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  • COOL FROM THE INSIDE – The Toogou Wine Chiller Stick keeps wine and champagne cool. Once the bottle is out of the refrigerator, insert the rod and it will stay chilled much longer. No need of a bulky dripping wine bucket anymore
  • IT’S A WINE POURER – The acrylic wine pour spout provides a 100% drip-free serving. The wine pourer is ergonomically designed for consistent and predictable flow-control. Y
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – A MUST HAVE wine accessory for parties, special unique birthday gifts, celebrations and festive seasons; Ideal to bring along for traveling, camping and outdoor picnicking
  • Make a LIFETIME purchase today, the Toogou Wine Chiller and Aerator is completely reusable, it will not loose its chilling power