Tinkle Room Brass Bath Door Sign


A touch of class for your bathroom door! This Tinkle Room sign is cast and hand polished to a fine shine before being painted in a special QD8 outdoor quality paint. The polished areas are then wiped off and rebuffed before the whole plaque get 2 coats of super protective lacquer to give it the maximum protection possible for fitting anywhere you like. Also the lacquer preserves the polish in the brass, meaning it will not tarnish and does not need re-polishing. Guaranteed to elicit a giggle from your guests.

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  • Includes hand polished brass fixings for wall or door mounting. Plaque and fixings are fully lacquered for maximum protection outside or inside so will not need re-polishing. Measures 14.5cm (5¾”) by 9.5cm (3¾”)
  • This sign is handmade in a factory in Leicester, UK using the ancient art of sand-moulding. So you are getting a proper Vintage Shabby Chic quality product to show off. Not a flimsy cheap piece of plastic (or resin which is just a fancy name for plastic).