Luxury Foam Non-Slip Bath Pillow


Bath pillows are the ultimate luxury when you’re having a good soak. But nothing is more annoying than crappy bath pillows that slip off while you’re trying to relax! This pillow has 7 suction cups to keep it in place, and 2 panels for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Also available in 3-panel and deluxe.

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  • 7 SUCTION CUPS: Seven powerful suction cups uniquely help eliminate common and irritating pillow slippage to create the most relaxing bathing experience.
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT: Ultra soft and smooth to the touch with more than 2″ of luxurious padded foam.
  • LARGE TWO PANEL: Oversize 14.5″ x 11″ pillow with orthopedic two-panel design. Provides head, shoulder, and neck support.
  • TOP RATED DESIGN: Fits any size tub, spa, or jacuzzi. Easy to wipe down and keep clean with waterproof and nonporous surface.
  • Not recommended for textured tubs; works best on smooth surfaces
  • Also available in 3-panel and deluxe. Price listed is for 2-panel.