Fifty and Other F-Words: Reflections from the Rearview Mirror


If you’re a woman over 50, you probably feel invisible, or shackled by rules that say what you can and can’t do now that you’ve gotten older. But Margot Potter is here to say—in the most hilarious way—that, no matter what your age, you can still be a kick-ass warrior woman! With a cool “nasty woman” attitude, and loads of humor, Margot tells it like it is, smashing stereotypes in her witty essays, poems, listicles, and observations about aging in our youth-obsessed society. With neither bitterness nor sugar-coated reality, Fifty and Other F-Words will hit home with powerful, persistent women who grew up in the post-punk era; subscribed to magazines like Jane, Bust, and Bitch; put on their pink hats to march on DC; and never, ever conform.

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  • by Margot Potter
  • Hardcover or Kindle