Rainproof Oiled Paper Umbrella Parasol 33″


This rainproof paper parasol will bring glamour to a rainy day, but it’s also a stylish way to keep the sun at bay when you have to be outdoors. As we age, we can’t afford to let our skin fall victim to the sun!

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  • This Oil Paper Umbrella is handmade from natural materials: bamboo, waterproof paper
  • A marvelous accessory for everyday use or for special occasions
  • Oiled paper umbrella might have a smell due to applying Chinese wood oil to its surface for rainproof function. Please put the umbrella in ventilated place for a few days, it will reduce the smell.
  • Diameter: 33″, it measures approx. 22″ from handle to top when closed
  • Great for protecting skin on sunny days