Glitter Table Purse Hook Set of 3


Are you familiar with purse hooks? No? OMG, just go and buy this right now. How many times have you had to put your precious purse on the filthy floor, or had no place to stow it in the ladies room? THIS IS A REVOLUTION, ladies. These hooks are so small, they won’t take up any space in your purse, yet they’ll be there waiting to protect your purse from disgusting surfaces. No more setting your purse on the filthy floor, ladies. Just get some already!!!

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  • Pack of 3
  • Anti-slip Grip rubber backings on each hook hanger help to prevent slippage on almost any surface.
  • Beautiful adornments to match with your handbags
  • Foldable and magnetic closure, easy to pack and store. Carry in your purse for everyday use.
  • The max weight each hook can handle is approximately 22lbs.If your purse weighs more than that, it’s time to clean that shit out.
  • Great gift for Mothers Day, Weddings, Wedding Guest Gifts, Birthdays, Christmas, and any purse owner
  • Hang your handbag from a table edge at restaurants, bars, the restroom and any other place, so that your handbag needn’t be laid on the ground or on the dirty floor