Maybe you’re already a Dress Person, or maybe you’re not. Dresses used to be the outfit of choice for women, mostly because society dictated that pants WERE NOT ACCEPTABLE. Well, naturally, we think that’s a steaming load of horse pucky. Pants have their place, but somewhere along the lines we brainwashed ourselves away from dresses and thought that jeans (shudder) were the most comfortable thing you could wear. Now we have so many options for comfortable pants, but jeans are still a bit of a nightmare. Raise your hand if you hate shopping for jeans. But dresses have also been relegated to being dressed up. Again, horse pucky. Dresses are comfortable and freeing. If you’re not a dress person, give it a shot. Wear them with sneakers or boots. Wear them to the store. Wear them on the patio. Not being bound by thigh-and-waist-pinching pants is freedom, people.

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