If you are over 40 (and even if you ARE NOT), here are 5 simple, frugal every day life Savoire-faire ideas to help you feel better, have more energy and look terrific!


If you are like me, when you wake up, besides thinking of those chronic aches and pains, you are thinking of that first cup of coffee.  While I do look forward to starting my day, I do sometimes lament the aches and pains that start each day.  Rolling out of bed in the morning can be a chore and oftentimes I would prefer to jump back under the covers!  But the following could help!

Take 5-10 minutes and start your day off right!  When you do roll out of bed, the first thing you should actually do is start with a 8-16 oz glass of water.  This is easy, simple, yet effective aid will benefit you greatly!  Try setting a glass of water on your nightstand before you head to bed and have it ready to reach when you wake up, or get up and sit quietly as you sip your new morning sacrament.  Studies have shown that drinking 16oz of water, right after you wake in the morning immediately fires up your metabolism, hydrates you (yes you are probably waking up dehydrated whether you realize it or not), helps your body flush out toxins and may even make you feel fuller, possibly reducing that hangry, grumpy feeling that we sometimes wake with.  Even though our bodies may not be telling us that we are dehydrated, think about it, we’ve just gone 7-8 hours without water.  Even if our body is telling us coffee, start off with water!  You will feel better!

While you are drinking that refreshing glass of goodness, do yourself a favor.  Take 3-5 minutes and start your day right.  That’s right, don’t run into the shower, start throwing stuff around and starting your day off on a chaotic path.  Peacefully  (if you can) drink your glass and water and visualize your day.  This may sound hackneyed to anyone who has never practiced this technique before, but imagine watching a movie of your day and creating it exactly as you want it to be.  If you are somewhat new to this idea, just keep practicing it and have fun with it.  It can include the big things and the small things you want to accomplish on this day.  Or, you can simply visualize your day running smoothly, having the time you want and having everything work efficiently.

Making visualization a daily practice can spawn thoughts and dreams into reality.  It can help you combat negativity, help you build courage, help bolster creativity and even help combat depression.  In fact some research suggests that imagining/visualizing could help you get results without moving a muscle.  In one notable study that appeared in the North American Journal of Psychology in 2007, athletes who mentally practiced a hip-flexor exercise had strength gains that were almost as significant as those in people who actually did the exercise (five times a week for 15 minutes) on a weight machine.  In summary, simply visualizing your daily tasks and accomplishing them will help you get your day off to a positive start.  Why not try it with your morning glass of water?  If nothing else, it will help you start off to a relaxing day.


There has been a lot of talk in recent years about hitting that magical 10,000 steps a day.  This is even more important as our bodies are aging.  Walking (and I’m not talking about hitting the gym or partaking in crazy exercise or climbing mountains) is so beneficial,  even if you are not copacetic on exercise.  Simply walking 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day will have you feeling so much better.  I say 8,000 steps as a minimum but when you hit that magical unicorn of 10,000 (or even more)  you will reap so many more benefits for your aging body rather than sitting down to that binge on Netflix or surfing Amazon for hours.  Besides, walking is free of cost!  So in addition to being healthy you are being penny-wise!

A 2017 study showed that when it comes to losing weight, collecting 10,000 steps a day is just as effective as doing five 30-minute workouts a week.  But that is not all, hitting that magical 10,000 number has been proven to strengthen your heart, increases metabolism and improves mood.  In a study of the University of Tennessee study it was found that women who walked had less body fat than those who didn’t walk.  I could go on and on about the benefits of walking, but other benefits, especially to our aging bodies include:  improved circulation, can halt the stop of bone mass, can increase your life span, strengthen muscles, support your joints and slow mental decline.

While I am focusing on general health and mental-well being, hitting that 10,000 step mark can be an effective model to weight loss.  Consistently hitting a goal, whether it be 8,000 steps, 10,000 steps or even more (I strive for 11,000 – 12,000 steps per day) it will facilitate behavioral change and create a positive foundation in your life.  If walking seems totally foreign to you, I strongly recommend you get a pedometer, Fitbit or even use your Smart Phone to begin tracking your steps/activity level each day.  Start small.  Do not stress yourself out, but start to make this a daily behavior in your life.  If you are not a walker at all, I recommend you consult your physician before beginning any new exercise routine.  However, if you are in relatively good shape, start small, don’t be harsh on yourself.  Simply begin by committing to walk 15 minutes at lunch or after dinner, then work your way up to 30 minutes.  Get a cheap pedometer and see how many steps that gets you.  Slowly increase your steps each week by adding simple things to your routine such as parking farther away and walking, taking a your dog for a walk in the morning or by getting out and enjoying the nature on your local urban trail or at your local park.  Before you know it, you will be getting those steps in and feeling more energetic and adding years to your life!

3.  Do Something Nice For Yourself Once A Week and While you are at it, tune in to yourself and drop-out!

Don’t just be good to others, be good to yourself as well!  Take the time once a week to do something nice for you!  If this sounds overwhelming or that it may be too time consuming, it certainly does not have to be!  It is important to have time to yourself.  It is beneficial for your brain and overall well being to step away and have some alone time.  Besides feeling good, doing something nice for yourself can help foster independence.  It can be something extravagant if you want, such as an afternoon at the day spa but it can be so much more simple and frugal as well, especially if your time constraints are an issue.  Here are a few quick ideas of little things you can do for yourself.

  • Take an hour and take yourself to coffee
  • Wash all of your favorite items of clothing so when you want them, they will be handy (and clean!)
  • Take an afternoon nap (guilt-free!)
  • Create a new cocktail with ingredients you already have at home
  • Order your favorite take-out food so you don’t have to cook
  • Start a new book or take 45 minutes to finish that book you’ve been meaning to finish
  • Buy yourself some fresh flowers… just because
  • Take a bubble bath

You get the idea!  It doesn’t have to be big, it can be quite small.  But go ahead reward yourself, you deserve it!  You are good to your family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers every week, so take a few minutes out of every week and reward yourself.  It will help your mental well-being, and keep you strong for those who spend upon you as well.

While you are at it, TUNE OUT!  In today’s crazy world of 24/7 News, Social Media and constant stimuli, I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to walk away and simply turn on and tune in to ourselves and drop out from time to time.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting an Instagram photo and looking at who likes it or how many likes it received. However, once you begin focusing on that more than if you’re happy with the picture itself, you have officially stepped over a line; social media may be having a bad effect on your life.  This is easier said than done for some of us. For example, my livelihood depends being online.  I sell online exclusively and utilize Facebook, Instagram, Etsy and other outlets sometimes multiple times a day to promote my business.  Admittedly, some days it is very hard to stay focused and centered if you are a benevolent soul.  We are bombarded with family, friends and even strangers’ dramas.  Not to say this is all bad, and of course we do not always see just the drama, we also see the good on social media.  However, sometimes even seeing all of the good can make us feel temporarily inadequate as we are plugging away and working hard.   A lingering discontent, shared by millions, is the notion that others are happier the they are.  While that is not the case, everyone has secret sorrows; but, social media sometimes masks this or can even amplify it.  This is why it is very important to try to ditch the phone, computer or tablet one day a week.  If you cannot do that, try 1/2 a day.   Just a little time away from the screen reminds you how nice life is sans status updates.  You can always start by disabling alerts one day a week, putting away all devices after a certain time or simply turning everything off for a few hours.  Trust me, you will feel refreshed!

4.  Take a Multi-Vitamin Every Day and Magnesium if You are OVER 40!

Before taking any supplements, you should always do your own fact-checking and reading, but it is very important as we grow older to make sure our bodies are receiving the proper vitamins and nutrients.  Having strong bones, a healthy cardiovascular system and receiving a restful sleep are just a few of things we deserve.  If you are feeling tired all of the time, are experiencing pain in your joints or are concerned about healthy blood and brain function, you should really check into some supplements.  Our bodies are not like they were when we were 20 or even 30, and while aging is inevitable, we can help those aches and pains and add some preventative supplements as well.  Possibly think about adding:

  • Vitamin D   Vitamin D is important for everyone, but especially so for women over 40.  It can reduce the risk of Multiple Sclerosis, and other auto immune deficiencies, can regulate mood and decrease depression, and enhance protections again certain types of Cancer.
  • Magnesium  Magnesium is essential mineral needed for over 300 functions in your body.  It is very common to not have enough magnesium in your body.  It can have a laxative effect so can be helpful in digestive aid, also promotes healthy sleep, and can help menstrual cramps, and body aches and pains
  • Vitamin B12  If you are over 40 and especially over 50 this should be on your radar.  It is essential for normal brain and blood function.
  • Iron  Iron is very important and it is essential if you are over 40 that you are getting enough iron.  Besides eating spinach and leafy greens, you may want to consider a supplement.  Iron enriches your blood and helps combat fatigue.
  • Calcium  A key supplement for aging women; calcium promotes bone health and helps prevent against bone loss and osteoporosis, which is very common as we grow older.

5.  Get a Restful Night’s Sleep and Look Like a Princess by Using a Silk/Satin Pillow Case

About two years ago a friend was touting the wonders of sleeping with a satin pillow case.  I cast aside this idea but then received one as a holiday gift from another close friend.  I was AMAZED…..  I am now a convert!  Besides feeling a tad extravagant, this relatively inexpensive beauty essential will reap benefits you will love!  Sleeping on silk was something that never had really occurred to me, but I do love silk robes, pajamas and under garments, so why not?  Silk pillow cases have been likened to anti-aging projects and at a fraction of the cost.  You should also try this frugal, yet indulgent beauty regime. Check out our pick for silk pillow cases in our Shop!

One of the benefits of sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is improved softness of skin.  Yes, you will wake up with your skin feeling baby soft, and do you know those sleep creases that annoy you so much?  They vanish!  Amazing!  Silk is better than cotton for retaining moisture, alas it is actually better for your skin.  Also, if you have tendencies for frizzy hair or that dreaded bed-head, you can now say good bye to that as well after sleeping on silk.  Silk causes less damage and reduces breakage of hair while cotton does not.  My hair only requires a light brushing when I sleep on a silk pillow case!  Also, if your skin is prone to breakouts, this may help as well. Silk doesn’t gather as much bacteria as cotton, thus your face will feel and look better as well.

I am sold on silk pillow cases!  I even pack mine when I am traveling.   This little beauty hack is luxurious, even sensual, and will have you waking up looking great!

What are some simple things YOU do to make your everyday life better? Let us know in the comments below!

by Cheryl aka Sassy Morris

Sassy packed up and left the gray gloomy skies of the Pacific Northwest along with her ungratifying, soul-sucking corporate job and moved to the sunshine and desert breezes in beautiful Southern California. Canadian Ex-Patriate, Wife, Mother, Fur-Baby Mother and Entrepreneur, Sassy now sells Vintage for a living after a life-long love and passion for rescuing old things. Sassy, sometimes serious, always honest and usually outrageous, she is embracing the “silver” years with a sense of humor, adventure, and seeking that path to enlightenment along the way. Visit her Etsy shop!