I know every single person reading this will agree: labels inside clothing SUCK. I’ve had a rash on my back for three days because of the stupid itchy tag inside a dress I was wearing. And even if they’re the soft, satin kind, they can still irritate your skin. Grrrrr. It doesn’t even matter if you cut it out: the edges are still there to irritate you. It doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive clothing, either.

Fashion Industry: WHAT GIVES??? Why do you insist on torturing us?

Some of my favorite articles of clothing have the brand and size information (and even care instructions!) printed right on the garment instead of on an itchy damn tag. Recently, I got a new, mega soft shirt with printed info on it. YAY, right? I put it on, was delighted, and then:

There was an evil, itchy tag sewn into the side seam. What the hell, man? Why go to all the trouble to print on the fabric AND sew in a stupid tag?

I have always had sensitive skin, but now my skin is aging, and it’s becoming more sensitive by the day. I’m angry about this rash that I got from a TAG, and now everything I wear irritates my back. I guess if I want to avoid tags and labels, I’m just going to have to sew my own clothes. Sure, that’ll happen <smirk>.

These are modern times. There has to be a better way. Figure it out, fashion people.

by Stacie Herndon

Stacie is a writer, graphic designer, and web developer. Legend has it that she was born old. She has always loved outrageous older ladies, often befriending them over people her own age. She is a devoted Francophile, loves a good Sauvignon Blanc and can mix a mean cocktail. She will have red hair until the day she departs this earth.