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Pradas and fluffy skirts <3

I have a weakness: Prada shoes. Now, let me be frank: I can’t afford Prada shoes. I buy them secondhand, usually on eBay. I have five four pairs. A couple of years ago, I found the most amazing Prada black platform mary-janes. They were DREAMY! Retail price: $495. Stacie’s price: $35 on eBay. They were like new, and hardly showed any signs of wear. SCORE! I wore them maybe 2-3 times, most famously at Fashion Week. They were comfy. They were perfect.


The Pradas in action at Palm Desert Fashion Week, 2016, with my beautiful BFF and fellow OLS-founder Sassy Pants.

Well, recently I took them out of their special box so I could take them for a spin. The heels had DISINTEGRATED. They had foam inside the platforms. I’m sorry, but if I had paid $500 for a pair of shoes, I would expect them to last the REST OF MY LIFE. These fabulous Pradas are now in the trash.

They could not even be repaired. They had major structural damage.

It hurt throwing them away.

My rant is this: shouldn’t quality be in relation to a price tag? If luxury items cost so much, shouldn’t there be a reason? With a high price tag, one expects craftsmanship, quality, and longevity. As a person who can’t regularly afford high-dollar items, I expect them to last.

Oh well. At least I got a few good turns out of them.

I’ll keep searching for more bargain Pradas. And if they break, well…at least I’ll be comforted by knowing I didn’t pay full retail 😉

by Stacie Herndon

Stacie is a writer, graphic designer, and web developer. Legend has it that she was born old. She has always loved outrageous older ladies, often befriending them over people her own age. She is a devoted Francophile, loves a good Sauvignon Blanc and can mix a mean cocktail. She will have red hair until the day she departs this earth.