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Have you ever been curious about home foot-exfoliating peels? We went in the trenches for you, so you can find out if this is for you!

Now that sandal weather is over for most of us in the US (well, except for Palm Springs, where my fellow OLS founder, Sassy, and I live!), it’s the perfect time to try a foot peel! As we age, our feet can get really tough and scaly, especially our heels, and sometimes a pedicure can only do so much. I personally struggle with dry, cracking heels and tough skin on my feet. I tried these foot-exfoliating booties a couple of years ago and had good results, so I thought I’d try it once more, since my feet have toughened up again. Living in a dry climate is no help! Unfortunately, the brand I bought before was no longer available, so I searched Amazon. These have grown in popularity recently, so there are a lot more brands to choose from than when I first bought them. I ended up choosing Assouvir ($12.47 as of publication), based on highest reviews first and then affordability. I have to say I was very impressed by the packaging. The instructions are clear with illustrations. This brand is made and produced in Taiwan, which has a growing positive reputation for beauty products, and not China, which was a plus in my book. I am admittedly a bit skeptical about buying food, pet, and beauty products from China because of their lack of chemical regulations, but Taiwanese products seem to have more care involved.

NOTE 1: this is a time-consuming process, so avoid doing it if you need to show your feet (vacation, open shoes, etc.).

NOTE 2: If you are at all squeamish about touching your own feet, this treatment is not for you.

Here are the step-by-step photos. I will spare you any future foot-peeling photos, because no one wants to see that! Ugh!



  • The fruit acids in the liquid will wreck nail polish. Also, if you try to remove it afterward, you’ll find that it will bleed into the already-loosening skin, and will look simply awful. Just remove any nail polish before using the booties.
  • The tape is too short and not sticky enough to keep the fold-over in place. Which brings us to the next tip…
  • They are impossible to walk in; I suggest wearing house slippers over them. Then park yourself on the sofa with your favorite beverage and TV show or a movie!
  • They can leak from the top while you’re waiting, so if you want to extend your legs, place a towel under your feet.
  • While waiting, wiggle your toes and rub your heels around to help disperse the liquid evenly.
  • You may feel a slight warming sensation on your feet while wearing the booties; I assume this is normal and means it’s working 🙂
  • The instructions said to leave the booties on for 90 minutes. I went for 2 hours so I could watch 2 episodes of my favorite show. I’ll leave it up to you whether to follow instructions. You know us; we’re rebels!
  • Rinse feet thoroughly with soap and water after removing booties
  • Avoid applying lotion during the peeling process, even though you’ll be DYING to! It can impede the process. After the peeling process is complete, apply lotion generously every day, preferably at night or right after your shower/bath. Lotioning every day will help preserve your newly softened feet 🙂
  • NEVER, EVER force-peel your skin, This will lead to pain and suffering 🙁


Day 1, the first night after application: with my previous purchase (years ago) it took days to see any effect; in fact, I started to think it wasn’t working at all. With these new ones, my feet felt extremely dry and tight a few hours after removing the booties. This gives me hope that it will work more quickly.

Day 2: My feet are even drier and tighter, and they look horrible! I’m also having trouble walking barefoot on our hard floors because the mega-dry skin is making them slippery, so I suggest wearing shoes during the peeling process. Just waiting for that to get going!

Day 3: I see evidence of peeling! It’s working! CAVEAT: Resist…resist…the urge to pull/force any skin off. This is the voice of experience. OUCH. Must resist.

Day 4: Very little change. Feelings of doubt / what have I done / my feet feel (and look) like total crap. Stay strong. You will be DYING to douse your feet with lotion. You must resist! You can do this, and it will be worth it.

Day 5: Feet are still feeling VERY dry, but lots more peeling is beginning! You may not be able to resist peeling some off; your curiosity will get to you. Just don’t force any skin that is hard to pull off; SERIOUSLY. It will be painful and could cause bleeding. However, if you do peel a little bit off, you will be AMAZED at the baby soft feet that are hiding under all that dry skin! It will give you hope that this is actually working! So go ahead, peel just a little off. I literally cannot emphasize it enough: do not force it.

Day 5-6: For most people, peeling will be in full progress by now. Feel free to peel what you want (again, NOT forcing). I recommend placing a towel down for this, and you’ll probably want to do it while you’re alone, as this is not a pretty process! You can expedite the process by soaking your feet in a hot bath or basin, and going after them with a pumice stone or Bu-Puf/skin exfoliating sponge. Be gentle! Your skin will be sensitive, due to the main, hard layer being removed. You may even want to schedule a pedicure to get the last of it off!After the peeling process, and for the future, lotion your feel generously. After you do this treatment, I recommend religiously lotioning nightly or after your shower/bath, and regularly pumice stoning the difficult areas of your feet (heels, balls). This will make all the hard work of the foot peel last longer! Remember, the skin on your feet naturally toughens as we age, so regular maintenance will help keep your feet soft!

Consider putting a body butter on your feet (after washing) before bed. I highly recommend Au Lait Scottish Fine Soaps Body Butter…it’s affordable, thick for good coverage, it isn’t sticky, and it absorbs beautifully.


Even though this is a week+-long experience, I would say that overall it was TOTALLY worth it! My feet feel amazingggggg. Yes, it was unpleasant most of the week, but it isn’t something that can happen overnight. Patience was definitely rewarded. I think this would be worth doing once a year. You probably won’t need/want to do it more often than that.

Here’s to lovely, soft tootsies!

Have you ever used a foot peel? Let us know in the comments!

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