Neutrogena Rainbath has been around for a loooong time. Like me, chances are you’ve tried it in the past and have moved on to shinier, newer bath products and forgotten about it. I know I did. Sometimes, revisiting an old stand-by is worth a shot! Recently, I was gifted a giant bottle of Rainbath Original. Of course I had to try it. The familiar, Neutrogena smell was the same; herbal and earthy. That evening, I took a shower with the Rainbath using a bath poof. It didn’t lather up much. The scent was a little different than I usually like (I’m a rose girl, and love using rose-scented body wash). I was a little nonplussed by the experience. So I gave it another chance the next evening, and I used even more Rainbath on my bath poof (6 pumps). I was able to get a substantial, foamy lather. When I slipped into bed, I noticed a major difference in my skin. It felt velvety and smooth, even though I skipped my body lotion application that night. I was a little surprised at how wonderful it felt. Hmm.

One thing that threatens aging skin is dryness/lack of moisture. As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture diminishes. Keeping your skin moisturized — and not just your face and neck — is more important now than ever. So many body wash products and soaps brag of moisturizing features, but leave us feeling like a flower in a vase with no water. Wilted. Desiccated. Ick. Neutrogena Rainbath is the first body wash product I’ve used in a long time that delivers. Body lotions and butters only go so far, and finding good ones is a whole other battle; but let’s face it, who has time to slather her entire body every day in lotion?

I’ve been using Rainbath exclusively for a week now as an experiment (with NO additional body lotion), and my overall skin texture has improved vastly. I don’t see any flakes, and my skin feels moisturized all day. I had some odd dry patches that showed up on my thighs awhile back, and that NO lotion or oil could tame, and they have noticeably diminished. Also, my feet are prone to getting very dried out with cracked heels, and even my feet are better.

I am sticking with Rainbath for the foreseeable future. Although I miss my lovely rose body wash, I have other rose products I can use to get my fix. And I will be getting back on my nightly body lotion routine, but I am more than satisfied with how Rainbath nurtures my skin. I love it, and I hope you’ll try it too. Click this Amazon link (current price as of publication: $16.49 for a mega 40oz size pump bottle) or the Shop Now button on the right, and you can help keep Eccentric Dames Society going with our small commission. Refill bottles are also available so you can cut down on plastic and not purchase an additional pump.

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