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Our core audience is nonconformist. We reject the standards that society has created for aging women and encourage each other to live out loud. We are focused on lifestyle and living your best life over 40; our content is delivered with sass, humor, and most importantly, honesty. We provide advice, opinions, product reviews, shopping affiliate links, an Old Lady Hall of Fame, and much more.


Our platform exposes your product or service to a core audience of women who are largely left out of media. We shine the spotlight on them and give them opportunities to shine. You can share in that spotlight.


To maximize our value for our advertisers and our readers, we only work with businesses that reflect our core values. We don’t do random AdSense or other click funnel/clickbait advertising.


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We love partnering with businesses and organizations that are ideal for our unique audience of eccentric, 40+ women. Our audience is intelligent, educated, discerning, and many of us have disposable income! Let's work together!

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